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What will it take to get every app on every platform? – Talk Mobile

juni 20, 2013

There are three ways to choose what smartphone experience you’re going to have: by carrier, by device, and by apps. Choosing by carrier places the quality of your voice and data service first, whereas making a decision based on the device means you’re after a specific platform experience and hardware features. But choosing by apps is trickier.

The current array of mobile ecosystems is simultaneously fragmented and unified across the many platforms. Some major apps are available on all or most platforms, as are apps from smaller developers. Other apps are exclusive to a platform by virtue of features unique to the operating system or the resource constraints of the developer. But if you need that one app to do what you need to do, then the carrier or the device don’t matter so much.

But what if all apps could be available on all platforms? Is cross-platform development something that developers should be concerned about, and what are the pitfalls that can be faced in doing so? Is it better to build an app specifically for each platform, or should the app be built with a cross-platform web-based framework?

Users and developers alike can agree that having an app available regardless of platform is a great ideal. But at what cost?

Let’s get the conversation started!

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