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Chrome 26 beta adds context-aware spelling checks so you kan rite gud

februar 27, 2013

Chrome 26 beta adds cloudaware spelling checks so you kan rite gud

We’ve all grown a little complacent with our spelling now that auto-correction has filtered down to the OS level, and that creates problems when we use browsers that aren’t quite so diligent. Those who grab Google’s Chrome 26 beta, though, will get an extra safety net for their writing skills. Chrome OS, Linux and Windows users receive an optional, cloud-synced spelling engine that watches for errors in context and pays attention to broader grammatical issues. The engine also covers a much wider range of proper nouns, so it’s less likely to throw a red flag when unique subjects are involved. Mac users and non-English writers will have to wait for matching support; everyone else can hit the source link to avoid future typographical train wrecks.

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Via: Google Chrome Blog, Chrome Releases

Source: Google


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