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GoSmart Mobile expands to nationwide availability

februar 20, 2013

Android Central

GoSmart Mobile, a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of T-Mobile USA, is launching to nationwide availability starting today as previously rumored. The new prepaid carrier, which has operated in a limited number of markets since December of last year, will now offer its services in thousands of wireless resellers around the country. The pricing and structure is unchanged from the trials though it seems, and the prepaid-only carrier will be offering three plans at $30, $35 and $45.

The $30 plan will be uninteresting to most of us as it doesn't offer data, but the $35 plan will offer unlimited 2G access while the $45 plan will offer unlimited "high speed" access. SIM kits for unlocked phones will set you back just $8. We're not sure what the speeds will be on the $45 plan, but GoSmart has previously indicated that its customers will indeed be put at a lower priority than T-Mobile's own-branded customers.

With that being said, this could be a compelling option for some people that understand the limitations and are willing to be on a slightly slower speed priority for the monthly savings. And extra price competition in the prepaid space is always good. You can check out more about the new plans at the source link below.

More: GoSmart Mobile

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